Easter is more than a holiday or a church event.  It is a rescue mission where Jesus, The King of Kings, came to save you. We invite you to immerse yourself in the events of the most important week in history.  Join us in multiple worship experiences to commemorate the week Jesus paid it all to rescue us who had rebelled against Him.

Palm Sunday - The Hero Enters

(In-person & streaming worship)

April 2, 2023. For generations, Christians have gathered to celebrate Jesus Christ's triumphant entry into a chaotic Jerusalem on His way to the cross. But why was this important  - for the people then and for us today? What was so broken in creation that only God Himself coming to us could fix it? Join us in person or online at 11:00 am to discover why our Hero is still reaching out to us today.


Communion In Passover - The Hero Celebrates

(In-person only)

April 5, 2023, 7:00 pm - On His way to the cross, Jesus took time to celebrate Passover with His disciples.  Knowing what was about to happen, what did they have to celebrate?  The fulfillment of millennia of promises and prophecies, culminating in our Hero’s victory. Join us for a special celebration of the Lord's Supper as we look at the Passover meal and learn how God had woven His redemptive promise of the Messiah throughout the Old Testament, foreshadowing the communion we know today, and see how Jesus fulfills it all.

Good Friday - The Hero Sacrifices

(In-person & streaming worship)

April 7, 2023, 7:00 pm.  The Friday before Easter Sunday is traditionally the day Jesus was crucified. The day our Hero sacrificed Himself. Too often we want to rush past this tragic day to get to the celebration of Sunday, however, when you stop to take a moment to reflect on what happened, on what this means, it is truly breathtaking that God made a way for us to celebrate at all. Join us in person or online at 7:00 pm that evening for a time of candlelit worship, reflection, and prayer.

Easter Sunrise Service - The Hero Rises

(In-Person Only)

April 9, 2023, 6:45 am.  At daybreak on that Resurrection Sunday, the women discovered the tomb of Jesus empty - our Hero is alive! Join us as we gather outside at the cross, as the sun breaks over the horizon, to sing hymns, pray, and worship at the dawn of not just a new day, but of a new creation being restored one soul at a time, reflecting on the empty tomb and our living Savior.

Easter Sunday Worship - The Hero Victorious

(In-Person & streaming worship)

April 9, 2023.  Following our small group studies at 10:00 am, we invite everyone to join us as we celebrate the resurrection both in-person and online at 11:00 am.  This service will feature uplifting hymns, prayer, and a message of hope as we discover how the victory of our Hero, Jesus Christ, changes not only our life now, but our eternity.

Community Fun After Easter Worship

Following morning worship, we will have a brief time of fun for the kids and youth and fellowship for the adults.  First, a community egg hunt with separate areas for little and big kids with prizes, candy, and surprises.  Then a sudden death dodgeball game for the youth with a prize for the last youth standing. Light snacks and juice for the adults as they enjoy watching the young ones have fun.  Everyone is welcome.